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Tips for eating healthy on your next camping trip

Camping is always a great time, but it’s not necessarily conducive to eating healthy. Rather than injuring your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts the next time you go camping, review the following tips for eating well and maintaining your weight:


Healthy breakfast choices include packs of instant oatmeal, which you can top with cinnamon or dried fruit. If you simply must have milk with your oatmeal, look for tetra packs of almond or soy milk. Other healthy breakfast options include mini frittatas if you have a portable oven available. Think bell peppers, spinach, and cherry tomatoes to complement the egg portion. Eat the frittatas with whole-grain bread and stay satiated until lunchtime.


Fresh vegetables and fruit are always healthy snacks, and ideal for camping weekends. If you don’t have a cooler available, go for options that keep longer, such as carrot and celery sticks, oranges, and apples. Eat them with hummus or low-fat cheese if desired and give yourself an extra boost of energy to finish your hike.

Other healthy snack options include nuts and seeds, and roasted chickpeas.


Bring packs of low-sodium beans or tuna with you and use them to make hearty, healthy pita “sandwiches.” Stuff whole-grain pitas with your favorite protein or enjoy said protein with whole-grain crackers or brown rice cakes.


Veggie burgers are ideal for campsite dinners, especially if enjoyed with corn on the cob. Other options include brown rice with beans and veggies, or whole-wheat couscous with beans and veggies. You might also want to bring meat or vegetarian chilli to heat up on your hot plate.

Don’t use camping as an excuse to eat poorly! Plan well and enjoy healthy meals all weekend long.

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