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Tips for dining out on phentermine

If you’re getting ready for your first dinner out after you started taking Phentermine 37.5mg, don’t panic. You can easily make healthy choices that won’t compromise your newfound weight loss regimen:

Read The Menu Before You Go

Look up the menu online to ensure it features at least a few healthy salads, soups, vegetable-based dishes, and grilled poultry/seafood options. If the menu does not look particularly healthy, suggest another restaurant or eat a healthy meal before you go so you aren’t super-hungry when you get there.

Go For The Modifications

Opt for menu modifications whenever possible, such as a salad over a fried food side, an egg white omelette, whole grain substitutes, and lettuce wraps instead of buns. You can also ask for dressing and other condiments on the side, and skip the cheese on sandwiches and entrees. If you want dessert, go for fresh fruit.

Save Some Of It

Save some of your food for tomorrow’s lunch. Divide your meal as soon as you get it and request a doggy bag so you aren’t tempted to overeat. You can also share your meal with a friend or family member so you both eat healthier while out to dinner.

Skip The Soda

Order water instead of soda, as the latter is full of empty calories and sugar. If you really want a libation, such as a glass of wine, go for it so long as your caloric intake for the day isn’t too high. You may want to order a more expensive alcohol so you savor it instead of gulping it down.

Remember To Chew

Really chew your food when you go out to eat or any other time so your body recognizes it is full. If you eat your food too fast, it is easy to consume too much because your body does not have time to realize the stomach is full.
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