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Tips for creating healthier easter baskets

Chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps, and other Easter candy turns the holiday into a calorie fest fast. If you want to promote healthy eating habits among your children and avoid chocolate bunny-related temptations yourself this holiday, review the following tips. Your little ones will undoubtedly enjoy these options and you will not feel compelled to fall off the Phentermine 37.5mg wagon.

Opt For Plush Toys & Books

Instead of filling Easter baskets with candy, opt for lasting (and non-sugary) gifts such as plush toys and books. Find books about holiday animals such as bunnies and chicks, as well as beautiful stuffed toys in the shapes of pastel ducks and rabbits. Your children will love having new books to read and toys to cuddle!

Purchase Egg-Shaped Crayons

Purchase egg-shaped crayons among other utensils for promoting creativity. Easter-inspired pencils and erasers, coloring books, stencils, and similar products all make welcome basket additions. They encourage your children to explore their artistic sides instead of sitting and eating candy!

Provide Annie’s Products

Buy brands free of processed ingredients to use as Easter treats, such as cheddar and gummy bunnies from Annie’s. The natural foods brand is known for tasty options without the unpronounceable ingredients. They provide a way to give your children something to munch on this Easter without the processed junk.

Be Smart About Chocolate Treats

Rather than keeping Easter baskets free of chocolate, which will likely disappoint your children, opt for slightly-healthier options such as those containing peanut butter. Chocolate and peanut butter rabbits, eggs, and similar candies make little faces light up. They may even be more likely to save their chocolate and spread it out over several days because they have less of it.

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