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Tips for burning more calories on your walks to & from work

You’ve decided to start walking to and from work as part of your Phentermine 37.5mg-fueled commitment to weight loss. First, pat yourself on the back for making this important health and wellness decision! Second, use the following tips to burn even more calories during your daily commute:

Wear The Correct Footwear

Wear comfortable, cushioned sneakers to walk to and from work instead of whatever footwear you normally use. Bring your “work shoes” with you and enjoy power-walking to and from work in supportive footwear. Wearing the wrong shoes is not only hard on your muscles and joints, it may also make you less likely to walk fast.

Use Weights

Strap wrist and ankle weights on to add a little resistance training to your commute. Try to maintain your normal pace–if you are concerned about sweating too much before you get to the office, save the weights for your walk home when you can immediately jump in the shower.

Do A Few Squats

Take a few minutes to do some squats, lunges, or other toning exercise. If you are feeling particularly ambitious, walk home through the neighborhood park and use their training equipment to burn more calories. If you decide to use such equipment, make sure you change into workout gear before you leave the office for the day. Depending on where you work, you may want to wear workout clothing to the office and simply change once you get there so you can burn extra calories.

Remember, the faster you walk, the more calories you will burn. Time yourself every day to help you walk with greater speed–it is a fun workout challenge that also helps you get home faster!
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