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Tips for burning more calories at home

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If you are not a “gym rat” but still want to burn more calories than you have been consuming, there are plenty of ways to do so at home. Reimagine your house as your own personal gym with plenty of ways to exercise and subsequently help your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen.

Take The Stairs…A Lot

A home with a steep staircase is a dieter’s dream, as it provides the elevation you need for seriously-toned leg muscles. Help your weight loss efforts by taking the stairs whenever you can–for example, if your home features two bathrooms, purposely use the upstairs option whenever you can. The more you take the stairs, the more steps you will take every day…and the leaner you will look.

Unpack The Groceries From A Greater Distance

Bringing your groceries into your kitchen for immediate unpacking is certainly the most efficient option; however, leaving your bags in the hallway and hauling them into the kitchen is the way to burn more calories and work your arm and ab muscles. Place the heavier items as far away as possible so you get even more of a workout.

Play With The Dog More

Taking more time to play with your dog benefits both of you greatly. Spend an extra 10 or 15 minutes each day running around the yard to get the exercise both of you need to remain trim and fit. The pooch will love it and so will you!

Turn Your Living Room Into A Dance Party

Your living room is probably the biggest room in your home, so why not make use of the extra space? Put on your favorite music and dance like no one is watching—dancing is a great low-impact exercise option that burns calories as it tones muscles. Aim for 20 to 30 minutes of dance-tastic fun every day.

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