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Tips for burning calories on non-workout days

While exercise is one of the keys to quick weight loss and better overall health, it is still important to take days off. This is especially important if you are weight training, as lifting weights makes tiny tears in the muscles that need time to repair themselves as bigger, stronger versions. If you don’t want to feel inactive on your rest days, keep these calorie-burning tips in mind as part of your Phentermine 37.5mg commitment to fast weight loss.

Walk, Walk, Walk

Burn calories on rest days by walking to work if you can, or at least walking to errand locations or to meet friends. Walking provides a low-impact, calorie-burning workout that will not stress your joints or strain your muscles. It offers virtually the same benefits of running minus the impact of hitting the pavement. Unless you are already dealing with a sore groin or other sensitive leg muscles, walk to stay active on non-workout days.

Take The Stairs

Take the stairs at your job and anywhere else you can, such as at public transportation stations. Stairs provide an excellent form of exercise that especially work the leg and glute muscles. Keep your abs engaged for further benefits–do this for all of the ideas listed here to help tone your muscles.

Play With The Dog

Spend at least 30 minutes playing with the family dog, whether in your backyard or at the local park. Play fetch or frisbee, and don’t be afraid to run as much as your body will allow. As an added bonus, playtime with Fido tires the animal out to prevent destructive, boredom-related behavior. Listen to your body as you play, and stop if you feel super tired or a muscle starts being bothersome. You can still play with your dog, simply throw the ball or frisbee and have the pooch bring it back to you over and over.

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