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Tips for avoiding winter weight gain

Holiday party treats, cold weather, lack of motivation to exercise…there’s many reasons we gain weight in the winter. If you’re looking to avoid the chilly weather bulge this year and stick to your fast weight loss goals, check out a few tips to help you out:

Play Winter Sports

Find a winter sport you love and stick to it. Skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, snowboarding…there’s numerous options that burn plenty of calories. If none of these appeal to you, try utilizing the gym and swimming pool at your local community center, and burning calories while shoveling snow and ice.

Eat Seasonally

Yes, you aren’t going to have the same access to fresh fruit and veggies in the winter that you do in the summer, however there’s still plenty of opportunities to eat healthfully and seasonally. Go for in-season squash, and check out healthy options such as oatmeal, soups, and stews.

Stay Motivated

Affix a picture of yourself when you were thinner to your bulletin board or fridge to keep you motivated all winter long.

Remain Active Indoors

Getting cabin fever from all the time spent inside? Use the time to burn calories. Play Wii Fit games with family members, perform favorite yoga moves, work out to beloved exercise videos. There’s plenty of indoor options for keeping fit and for quick weight loss.

Avoid Stress

Stress often has people reaching for donuts and bagels with cream cheese, especially around the holidays. As stressful as dealing with relatives can be, it’s important to stay calm and enjoy this time of year. Don’t let winter become your period for “stress eating.”

Make healthy choices, remember to exercise and stay active, and have a fun and interesting winter!

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