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This Trainer Wants You To Turn Your Weight Loss Fails Into “Redirects”

Rather than wallowing in your weight loss “failures,” use them to help your efforts with Phentermine 37.5mg. Learn why Beachbody fitness trainer Autumn Calabrese suggests redirecting failures into weight loss successes.

Don’t Feel Bad If A Diet or Fitness Plan Isn’t Working

No two people lose weight the exact same way, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If a plan isn’t working for you, simply find something that does.

“Maybe you were just being redirected to something that was going to work better for you, that was going to have a longer lasting effect, that was going to be a healthier option for you, that was going to help you not just take control of your food, but take control of your mindset,” Calabrese says.

Forget the “Perfect Path to Fitness”

Calabrese wants people to understand the motivation behind their food choices instead of holding themselves accountable to a “perfect” fitness standard.

“We all have good days and we all have bad days,” she notes. “It’s really the mindset that we choose that will determine if we sit and wallow in those, or if we let them shape us and drive us to learn from them and be better.”

She adds, “A lot of that comes from something much deeper, something in us emotionally. So we have to look at our fitness and our nutrition journey not just as, ‘I did the exercise and I ate the right foods,’ we have to look at the mindset also and say, ‘What else is happening?’”

Trust Your Weight Loss Lessons

“Sometimes you don’t see the lesson for years later, so you have to trust that the lesson will show up,” Calabrese says. “But if you believe that it’s there, if you believe in redirects and not failures, you’ll find it eventually.”
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