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The link between car commuting & obesity

According to new information presented at the European Association for the Study of Obesity Congress on Obesity in Glasgow, Scotland, there is a connection between car commuting and obesity. Individuals who commute by car have a 32% higher risk of death compared to those who commute by riding their bikes or walking. Learn about this study in conjunction with your Phentermine 37.5mg-inspired weight loss education.

The Study

Researchers followed participants between the ages of 37 to 73 for about five years. Lead investigator Dr Carlos Celis of the British Heart Foundation Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre at the University of Glasgow reported that 2,425 participants who commuted exclusively by car died and 7,973 developed heart disease. Obesity combined with car commuting is subsequently thought to come with a higher risk of death (32%) as well as a 59% increase in non-fatal heart diseases.

The Importance Of Physical Activity

The study sheds even more light on the importance of physical activity in terms of heart health and weight loss. Exercise is also one of the keys to successful Phentermine pill regimens, as the diet drug works much faster when it is paired with a healthy diet and workout regimen.

“Our findings, if causal, suggest that people with overweight or obesity could potentially decrease the risk of premature mortality if they engage in active commuting,” the researchers noted, adding:

“Regardless of your body weight, being physically active could partly reduce the excess risk associated with obesity. However, compared to other forms of physical activity — such as gyms and exercises classes — active commuting can be implemented and fitted within our daily routines, often with no additional cost, but at the same time could increase our overall physical activity levels and therefore help to meet the current physical activity recommendations for health.”
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