Losing weight is almost always one of the top three resolutions people make each year. And yet, despite this common desire, the rate of obesity in the United States continues to climb. While weight loss medication like phentermine 37.5mg can help when combined with a healthy weight loss regime including diet and exercise, it may not be enough on its own. Specifically, if you have excess stress or poor mental health, you may struggle to lose weight even while doing everything else right.

How Stress Impacts Weight Loss

Occasional stress is no big deal and is just a natural part of life. The body can usually handle short periods of moderate stress without a problem. But when stress becomes severe and chronic, it can lead to hormonal changes in your body. These hormonal changes can impact your fat loss goals by causing your body to hold onto its fat stores instead of letting them go.

Stress may also trigger the desire to eat more food, thereby increasing your caloric intake and causing you to gain more weight. If you tend to stress eat, it’s important to learn how to deal with the problem in a healthy way. It’s also wise to figure out how you can minimize stressors in your life. Doing so may help your phentermine 37.5mg medication work even more effectively.

How Mental Health Impacts Weight Loss

If you’re following a strict weight loss regime that’s worked well for others but isn’t working well for you, take a closer look at the state of your mental health. More than 80% of people who live with serious mental illness are obese or overweight. People with depression may turn to food to help them feel better—even if they’re not really hungry. They may also struggle with hormonal imbalances that make it hard to lose weight.

For these reasons and more, taking care of your mental health should be an important part of any weight loss journey. Taking phentermine 37.5mg or similar weight loss medications may also help you get the results you want.

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