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The Benefits of Group Support and Accountability for Weight Loss Success

Many people want to be healthy and maintain an optimal weight, but the rate of obesity in the United States is still higher than 40%. Many people struggle significantly to lose weight, but prescription medication like phentermine may help. But to experience the best results from weight loss medication, group support and accountability are recommended.

Benefits of Group Support

It helps to know others are rooting for you whenever you do something hard (like losing weight). When you join an in-person or online support group, you can discuss obstacles, get advice for overcoming them, and share your success. You can also get helpful exercise and diet tips from others to augment your own results.

There’s also a healthy dose of competition involved with losing weight in a group setting. When you see others in your support group drop weight, you’re more likely to work harder to get the same outcome.

Why Accountability Is Important

Whether you’re losing weight with the help of phentermine or other weight loss medications or you’re doing it on your own, accountability is essential for the best possible outcome. When you don’t have to answer to someone else, it’s easier to “fall off the wagon,” so to speak. This is true of any major lifestyle change you make in your life.

Too often, human beings are willing to let themselves down but are less likely to be okay with letting others down. This aspect of human nature can be advantageous to you when it comes to losing weight. Whether you have a large group of fellow dieters in your corner or a close family member, you’re more likely to succeed when you know you need to report your progress to them.

Get Lasting Results

Most people can lose weight temporarily, but you may need more support to lose weight in the long run. In addition to asking your doctor about phentermine and other weight loss medications, consider joining a weight management group so you can receive constant support and accountability to keep you on the right track.

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