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Survey: a high percentage of women avoid the gym for fear of being judged

According to a new survey, some 65% of women skip the gym because they feel they will be judged. About 36% of men avoid the gym for the same reason. Women cite issues such as “not looking fit enough” and unstylish workout gear as some of the reasons for their gym avoidance. If you are among the percentage of women who stay away from the gym for judgement-related reasons, use these tips to overcome your fears.

Start At Home

Start working out at home to build up your confidence and endurance. Joining a gym already into a weight loss routine gives you the motivation you need to keep at it. Focus on form before increasing the intensity.

Make A Plan

Don’t walk into the gym with no plan, as feeling aimless will not make you less self-conscious. Determine what machines you want to work on prior to arriving and have a few alternatives in mind in case those machines are “busy.” If you want, try downloading an app that takes you through circuit training in real time.

Also take time to learn how to use your desired equipment–many women feel self-conscious because they are afraid of using the machines the wrong way.

Try Classes

Join an exercise class you are interested in so you are part of a group. Feel free to select a spot in the back of the class until you feel comfortable and are well into your workout groove.

Keep Your Goals In Mind

Remember why you want to lose weight and don’t lose sight of it! Keep your goals in mind as you work out instead of wondering if everyone is looking at you. In truth, they aren’t–they are focusing on their own workout goals!
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