Watching baseball is a summer pastime, and one that frequently features consuming unhealthy fried foods, beer, and other treats and libations that cause weight gain. If you plan to enjoy numerous baseball games this summer but do not wish to hurt your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts, read on to discover some of the best and worst foods at America’s favorite ballparks.

Fenway Park

Home of the Big Green Monster, Fenway offers numerous healthy choices, including build-your-own vegetable salads, veggie burgers, and surf and turf kabobs. Avoid the lobster poutine, or a pile of steak fries drenched in lobster cheese curds, bisque, gravy, and cheese.

Minute Maid Park

The Houston Astros’ headquarters offers veggie kabobs, seafood kebobs, Mediterranean chopped salads, seared tuna over steamed fresh spinach, and chicken fajitas among other healthy, hearty options. The Crown barbecue burger is something to stay away from, as it comes loaded with whiskey-barbecue sauce, cheddar, pepper bacon, and fried onions. There’s also mashed potatoes and fried chicken served in a waffle cone—a strange calorie bomb!

Camden Yards

If you are in Baltimore to watch the Orioles, look for organic chicken sandwiches, veggie burgers, and hormone-free beef burgers. The Mac ‘N Cheese Twister is another bizarre ballpark treat that adds to your waistline via macaroni and cheese topped with barbecue chicken, crab, or pulled pork. The bacon pork rinder is also a dish to steer clear of at Camden Yards.

Citizen Bank Park

The home of the Philadelphia Phillies features numerous healthy sandwich options, including garden burgers and grilled chicken sandwiches. There’s also plenty of soft pretzels and ice cream, as well as a hot dog topped with mac ‘n cheese among other calorie-laden foods.

Help yourself make healthy choices at the ballpark by eating before you get there—that way you won’t be tempted to chow down on anything topped with barbecue chicken or mac ‘n cheese!

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