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Study: Obesity Now Considered A Form Of “Premature Aging”

Researchers from Concordia University claim that obesity is a form of premature aging. The study was published in the journal Obesity Reviews and has been backed by the World Health Organization, which notes that people are dying more frequently from being overweight than underweight. Learn about this study here as part of your commitment to fast weight loss with Phentermine 37.5 mg.

How Obesity Affects The Body

The study’s authors looked at over 200 papers on obesity, including how it affects the body on a cellular level.

“We are trying to comprehensively make the argument that obesity parallels aging,” explains Sylvia Santosa, an associate professor of health, kinesiology and applied physiology in the Faculty of Arts and Science at the university and a Tier II Canada Research Chair in Clinical Nutrition. “Indeed, the mechanisms by which the comorbidities of obesity and aging develop are very similar.”

The effects of obesity were shown to affect the immune system and subsequently increase the person’s susceptibility to diseases such as influenza as well as sarcopenia, an illness commonly associated with aging. The disease causes a “progressive decline” in muscle strength and mass. Study authors also showed how obesity increases the risk of age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and assorted cancers.

Too Big To Ignore”

The similarities between obesity and age-related conditions cannot be ignored according to the study authors.

“I ask people to list as many comorbidities of obesity as they can,” Santosa says. “Then I ask how many of those comorbidities are associated with aging. Most people will say, all of them. There is certainly something that is happening in obesity that is accelerating our aging process.'”

“I’m hoping that these observations will focus our approach to understanding obesity a little more, and at the same time allow us to think of obesity in different ways. We’re asking different types of questions than that which have traditionally been asked,” she added.

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