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Study: Dining Out Is One Of The Main Reasons For Weight Gain, Poor Health

According to a new study from Tufts University, Health Sciences Campus, restaurant fare has changed very little over the last 14 years and is among the main culprits for ill health and weight gain in the United States. If you are looking to curb your restaurant food habit as part of your new Phentermine 37.5mg regimen, take a moment to learn about this study, which was published in the Journal of Nutrition.

Poor Nutritional Quality

The study’s authors looked at the nutritional value of full-service restaurants as well as fast food establishments, finding fast food to unsurprisingly be the worst offender. Unfortunately, they also found that restaurant meals make up 21% of Americans’ caloric intake, with fast food making up 12% of the calories consumed.

“Our findings show dining out is a recipe for unhealthy eating most of the time,” said Dariush Mozaffarian, senior author and dean of the Friedman School. “It should be a priority to improve the nutritional quality of both full-service and fast-food restaurant meals, while reducing disparities so that all Americans can enjoy the pleasure and convenience of a meal out that is also good for them.”

Making Restaurant Food Healthier

Researchers looked at ways for restaurants to improve their offerings to help Americans consume healthier food.

“We found the largest opportunities for enhancing nutritional quality would be adding more whole grains, nuts and legumes, fish, and fruits and vegetables to meals while reducing salt,” said author Junxiu Liu, a postdoctoral scholar at the Friedman School.

“Our food is the number one cause of poor health in the country, representing a tremendous opportunity to reduce diet-related illness and associated healthcare spending,” Mozaffarian added. “At restaurants, two forces are at play: what’s available on the menu, and what Americans are actually selecting. Efforts from the restaurant industry, consumers, advocacy groups, and governments should focus on both these areas.”
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