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Study: Calorie Restriction Prevents Negative Aging In Bodily Cells

A new study from the Salk Institute emphasizes the importance of calorie restriction, or eating less food, as part of healthy aging. It reduces bodily inflammation to lower the risk of age-related diseases. Take a moment to learn about this study, which was published in the medical journal Cell, as motivation for your new Phentermine 37.5mg fast weight loss regimen.

Protection Against Aging Cellular Pathways

The study, which used rats to demonstrate the benefits of eating less, provides new information on the benefits of calorie restriction. It’s already widely known that consuming fewer calories controls weight among other health benefits; however, information regarding its healthy aging advantages is new.

“We already knew that calorie restriction increases life span, but now we’ve shown all the changes that occur at a single-cell level to cause that,” says Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, one of the paper’s senior authors and a professor in Salk’s Gene Expression Laboratory. “This gives us targets that we may eventually be able to act on with drugs to treat aging in humans.”

Aging & Disease Risk Factors

Aging remains the biggest risk factor in terms of many diseases, including Alzheimer’s, cancer, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. Animal studies find calorie restrictions provide one of the most effective ways to prevent these diseases’ onslaught.

“The primary discovery in the current study is that the increase in the inflammatory response during aging could be systematically repressed by caloric restriction” says co-corresponding author Jing Qu, also a professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Research is ongoing, with new work focusing on how transcription factors, or “switches” that govern gene activity, are affected by caloric reductions.

“People say that ‘you are what you eat,’ and we’re finding that to be true in lots of ways,” says Concepcion Rodriguez Esteban, one of the paper’s additional authors and a staff researcher at Salk. “The state of your cells as you age clearly depends on your interactions with your environment, which includes what and how much you eat.”

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