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Strange weight loss tricks that really work

Weight loss tips and tricks seem to be everywhere, with some holding more water than others. If you have recently started a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen and want to do everything you can to support your newfound path, review some of the more bizarre–yet effective–weight loss tips out there.

Eat A Sizable Breakfast

Enjoy a big breakfast rather than a big dinner. A recent study by the team at The Doctors found obese women who ate more calories in the morning and less calories for lunch and dinner lost more weight than overweight women who did the opposite.

Sniff Peppermint

Take a whiff of peppermint, either the plant or the essential oil, or fruit such as an apple or banana. According to research from Dr. Alan R. Hirsch of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, this trick helps people lose weight. The idea is sniffing certain foods tricks the body into thinking it is eating.

Take A Picture Of Your Food

Keep a photo diary of what you eat.

“Snapping photos and then looking back at them can make people stop and think before indulging,” says nutritionist Joan Salge Blake.

Try A Junk Mail Jogging Game

Jog around your house or apartment for every piece of junk mail you receive every day. You can also run up and down a flight of stairs. You will burn anywhere from 35 to 140 calories per session!

Tie A Ribbon Around Your Stomach

Consider this trick from fitness expert Valerie Orsoni: “A number of French women wear a ribbon around their waist and underneath their clothes when they go out for dinner. It keeps them conscious of the tummy—particularly if the ribbon starts to feel tighter as the evening goes on!”

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