Are you in the midst of a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen and still facing daily cravings? Rather than continually torturing yourself every day, find out what you’re doing wrong and stop those cravings for good:

Skipping Meals

Do you find yourself always skipping meals? Skipping breakfast is an especially big no-no, as it causes your blood sugar to drop and results in craving “bad” foods that temporarily give you a boost of energy, such as anything containing sugar and white flour. Eating healthy foods, such a balanced meal every five or so hours, is a way to prevent blood sugar dips and subsequent cravings. If you always skip breakfast because you “don’t have time” in the morning, invest in some healthy grab-and-go options, such as granola bars or yogurt with fruit.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Failing to get enough shut-eye every night is a surefire path to very bad cravings. Sleep is when the body does all kinds of good work, including “repairs” and the balancing of hunger hormones. If you never get enough rest, your body will absolutely crave high-sugar, high-fat foods. A muddled, sleep-deprived brain makes resisting such foods even harder.

Buying Junk Food

Are you taking Phentermine but still buying junk food on a regular basis? Even if you don’t eat such foods every day, you’re still doing yourself a world of harm by not taking them off your grocery list. Stop grocery shopping when you’re tired or hungry, as this always leads to poor food choices, and opt for healthy alternatives, such as kale chips or fruit. Make junk food a once-in-awhile occurrence, such as during a family outing. This makes it more special, and serves as a sweet reward for your weight loss efforts.

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