Spring is here, meaning warmer weather and more time outdoors. If you’ve gained weight this winter as so many do, now’s the perfect time to start exercising and getting ready for summer (and beach season). Try the following ideas in combination with your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen and a healthy diet for fast weight loss before the weather gets hot:


Spend time weeding flower beds, planting vegetables and herbs, etc. Gardening is a serious calorie-burner when you consider the digging, bending over, hauling of trash cans filled with leaves, and similar activities. Enjoy beautifying your property while helping yourself get toned and tightened.

Spring Cleaning

Cleaning the entire house is a springtime tradition, and one that easily burns calories. Vacuuming is a known calorie slayer, as is cleaning windows, moving heavy items in and out of closets, running up and down the stairs throughout the course of a cleaning day, and so on. Spend a weekend cleaning and sorting your home and see if you don’t break more than one sweat.


Why not join a sports team? Depending on where you live, you probably have access to plenty of intramural and and amateur sports teams. If you love softball, consider joining a team. If no teams are readily available to you, take advantage of the warm weather by biking, jogging, running, cross-training at your local park, and more.


The warm and lovely weather makes exploring nearby parks and natural areas an obvious way to spend a few hours. Put on your hiking boots, bring plenty of water and sunscreen, and enjoy an afternoon exploring your favorite spots.

Try these and other spring-inspired options for losing weight! The more you exercise, the more effective your Phentermine regimen will be.

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