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Soup mistakes that cause weight gain

Soup comes in many delicious forms and provide healthy, hearty ways to enjoy a wide variety of foods. Unfortunately, not all soups are created equal in terms of calories, and there are plenty of mistakes people make with this menu option that contributes to weight gain. Learn about some of these mistakes to help your Phentermine 37.5mg efforts go as planned.

Always Choosing Creamy Soups

Thick, creamy soups such as New England clam chowder and broccoli cheddar are delectable calorie bombs. Loaded with butter and cream, they spell doom for waistlines if consumed on a consistent basis. Go for broth-based soups whenever possible, and if you are buying creamy soup in a can, check the label first.

Piling On The Toppings

Sometimes the soup itself is healthy, but the toppings are chock-full of calories. (Salad has the same problem.) Croutons, bacon, cheese, and endless saltine crackers all derail your weight loss efforts, as does any soup you order in a bread bowl. Use real bowls for every soup you eat and stick to one topping, if any, to lighten the caloric road. Soup itself is often filling enough.

Forgetting About Portion Control

Soup is somewhat tricky to portion, especially when it comes as a side. If you are ordering your soup as such, picker a lighter broth-based option, or a light sandwich/other entree. Remember to really chew your food as well, as it makes it less likely that you will go for seconds and thirds. Again, if you are consuming soup from a can, look at the serving size before pouring the whole thing into a pot.

Make your own soups whenever the opportunity arises to control what goes in them!

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