Help yourself start the new year the healthy way with some of the best weight loss tips from 2016. Enjoy crafting a new healthy routine that boosts Phentermine 37.5mg use and gets you the slim, trim results you want by summer.


Experiment with different workouts to find what makes you excited to exercise. There’s hundreds of different options to select from, so why stay with something you despise?

“If you hate what you’re doing, you won’t look forward to it and once your willpower to force yourself is gone, you will go back to doing nothing,” says certified personal trainer and CrossFit Level One trainer Kyra Williams.

Don’t Diet

Make healthy food choices the majority of the time rather than forcing yourself to diet. Use Phentermine 37.5mg to reduce your appetite instead! Dieting is restrictive, and frequently leads to binges.

“A strict diet cannot be done forever, nor could a workout program that has you training four hours a day when you have a full-time job and other responsibilities,” says Williams.

Prevent Overeating By Drinking More Water

Drink two glasses of water before enjoying a restaurant meal with friends. Water curbs hunger so you will not be ravenous when you get to dinner.

Say Goodbye To Super-Baggy Clothing

“By frequently wearing baggy or elastic-waisted pants, it’s easy to overlook or ignore any weight you may be gaining,” suggests certified personal trainer and fitness guru Jenna Wolfe. “So get rid of those pants (or stow them away for cozy nights in only) and aim to wear form-fitting pants that’ll keep you honest.”

Eat More Fiber

Enjoy a higher-fiber diet to prevent midday binges. Fiber keeps you satiated because it takes so long to digest. It also contains fewer calories, so you can eat more without injuring your weight loss efforts.

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