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Smart leftover ideas that won’t cause weight gain

Concerned your Thanksgiving leftovers will lead to weight gain? Don’t panic. Use the turkey, stuffing, and veggie leftovers responsibly and enjoy them rather than worrying they will add to your waistline. Try the following ideas to stay on track with your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen.

Use Different-Sized Tupperware

Label, date, and store your leftovers separately. For example, if you store pasta with the creamy, calorie-laden sauce it was served with, you’ll have no choice but to eat it as is. However, if you store them separately, you can cook the pasta with vegetables or other foods that aren’t as calorie-tastic.

Make Soup Or Stew

Soups and stews are ideal ways to use leftover vegetables and pastas. Follow a specific recipe or just throw everything in a crock pot and see what deliciousness emerges. Freeze portions of the stew/soup if you make too much–you don’t want it languishing in the fridge and going bad!

Cook Burgers

Use leftover lentils, veggies, and grains to make your own veggie burgers. Beans also lend themselves to veggie burger magic. Again, follow a recipe or make your own and see what happens. You might want to include an egg in the mix, as the food is very binding and will keep your burger together as you eat.

Try Tostadas

Combine whole-grain tortillas with leftover rice, veggies, and beans. Add low-fat soy cheese if you want to create filling lunches and dinners that won’t have you reaching for snack foods. Change your tostada recipe as much as you like, and consider adding fresh veggies such as cucumber and avocado. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds work well too.

Try these and other healthy leftover ideas this holiday season to avoid the dreaded seasonal weight gain!

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