Sometimes all you need is a simple diet change to lose the weight you want and dramatically improve your health. Read the following inspiring stories to fuel your own Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts:

Switched From Low-Fat To Low-Carb

Counselor and coach Renee Jones found consuming a low-fat diet left her irritable and sluggish a lot of the time.

“The change I made initially was to add more fat to my diet. I know, sacrilege after the decades of low-fat. Yet, I instantly felt better. Over time, and in order to balance the extra fat, I lowered my carbohydrate intake—not happily, I’ll grant you,” she says. “I thought low-carb was nonsense. However, after a week, my brain fog, afternoon energy dip, and cravings vanished. I didn’t think that was possible! Within a month, I was no longer so moody nor bloaty, and I easily dropped down to about 115 pounds. I was amazed.”

Tried The Food Elimination Approach

Writer and public relations pro Zlata Faerman suffered from IBS for years until she tried the FODMAP diet which eliminates consumption of simple sugars, sugar alcohols, and processed foods.

“Once I started eating low FODMAP, I did not feel sick anymore. The feeling of being carefree about food—eating without fear—is not something that’s easy to put into words. While ‘normal’ people can just eat and not think twice, I wasn’t able to do that,” she says. “Food plays a big factor in everyday life, so you can imagine how exhausting that was for me. I no longer feel angst about how I’ll feel following a meal. I no longer decline invitations because of the ‘what ifs.’ Sure, I still have some times that my IBS affects me, but the low FODMAP diet truly changed my life.”

Prioritized Gut Health

Well Within Beauty co-founder Renee Tavoularis constantly dealt with a “nervous stomach” until she decided to make a change by adding probiotics to her diet and cutting out dairy.

“I added these to my regime to increase the amount of healthy gut bacteria. All the healthy food in the world won’t help a compromised digestive system,” she says. “The gut is an essential part of how our nutrients make it from the food we eat to our bodies. So adding probiotics to my meal plan helps me maintain a healthy level of good gut bacteria, reducing inflammation throughout the body.”
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