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Should you go running on an empty stomach

If you want to start running for weight loss and better health, you are probably wondering if you should eat first. Review what experts suggest to gain the most benefits from your running sessions and help Phentermine 37.5mg work as effectively as possible.

Fasted Cardio”

When you don’t eat before a run, you’re engaging in fasted cardio.

It literally just means doing a workout after not eating for some amount of time,” explains Lauren Antonucci P, R.D.N.

By “running on empty,” you are forcing your body to look for different fuel sources since its glycogen stores are depleted.

Within a few minutes of starting a fasted workout—no matter how far you’re planning on running—the percentage of fat you would burn in that workout would be a little bit higher,” says Antonucci.

The research is clear: If we run fasted, we tap into our fat stores as a fuel source sooner, so we’re running more on oxidized fat versus glycogen or carbohydrates,” adds Meghann Featherstun, R.N.

The Negatives of Fasted Running

If you run on an empty stomach, your body doesn’t necessarily burn fat. In fact, it might burn protein stores.

Research shows that there’s an increase in muscle breakdown when we exercise fasted, so it could actually decrease our strength,” says Featherstun.

Working out without food in the stomach can also compromise how long and how hard you exercise because you don’t have any “fuel” to keep you going.

The Bottom Line

Experts recommend easy runs when you’re in a fasted state since your glycogen stores are limited. “Running isn’t just about burning fat,” says Antonucci.“When you’re properly fueled, it’s going to feel better mentally and physically.”

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