Alcohol is notoriously high in calories, particularly beer, wine, and mixed drinks such as margaritas and pina coladas. Vino lovers may have rejoiced at the marketing of low-calorie wines, but will they really help your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts? Let’s find out:

How Many Calories You’re Saving

Reduced calorie wines typically feature 15% to 30% fewer calories than their regular counterparts. This means if you drink a five-ounce glass of reduced calorie wine, you will be consuming 90 instead of about 120 calories. This is not a significant difference, especially since wine is up there with cake and cookies in terms of caloric “indulgences.”

“If you’re drinking two glasses of low-cal wine a day versus ‘regular’ wine, you’ve eliminated 60 calories out of an average 2,000-calorie diet. That’s 3% of your total calorie intake. To me, that doesn’t seem like enough of a calorie reduction to be concerned about, but I’m not a triathlete,” remarked Dwayne Bershaw of the Department of Food Science at Cornell University.

More Alcohol=More Calories

It doesn’t matter if you are drinking reduced calorie wine if you have five glasses of it. The more wine or other type of alcohol you are drinking, the more calories you are consuming.

“Unless we are talking about overtly sweet wines, alcohol content is by far the largest driver of calories,” Bershaw noted, who also said those with low alcohol content may be your better option.

“Low-alcohol wines can be great-tasting wines, and they are usually more food friendly (pairing well with meals) than the high-alcohol wines that were popular five to 10 years ago” he said. “Plus, you can drink two or three glasses without feeling like you need to go to bed early.”

For best weight loss results, limit your alcohol intake as much as possible.
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