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Self-Monitoring Among The Keys To Lasting Weight Loss, Study Finds

A new report from California Polytechnic State University that was published in the weight loss journal Obesity says the key to maintaining weight loss combines self-monitoring, healthy dietary, and psychological coping strategies. Whether you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg or are well into your miracle diet pill regimen, take a moment to learn about these findings.

Examining Behaviors

Researchers surveyed nearly 5,000 former Weight Watchers program members, all of whom lost an average of 50 pounds and kept the weight off for a minimum of three years. They compared the group to 500 obese individuals who did not gain or lose more than five pounds over a five-year period. Researchers studied 54 behaviors in relation to weight loss success.

“People who maintained their successful weight loss the longest reported greater frequency and repetition in healthy eating choices,” said Suzanne Phelan, a kinesiology and public health professor, and the study’s main author. “Healthier choices also became more automatic the longer people continued to make those choices. These findings are encouraging for those working at weight loss maintenance. Over time, weight loss maintenance may become easier, requiring less intentional effort.”

Helping People Focus On The Right Strategies

Nearly two out of five people in the United States are obese, while another one in three are overweight. Researchers hope their findings inspire people to find weight loss strategies that work for them so they enjoy healthier lives.

“Successful weight loss is associated with a variety of health benefits,” Phelan said. “The improved quality of life observed among the successful weight losers in this study may serve as an important motivator for people working at long-term weight management.”
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