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Self-control does not equal sacrificing pleasure

A new study from the City University London and published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology has delved into whether using self-control means sacrificing pleasure or happiness. Findings suggest that “choosing chocolate cake over carrot sticks” doesn’t mean self-control isn’t there. Learn about the study to help inspire your Phentermine 37.5mg-fueled efforts.

Self-Control Failure

“Presented with the opportunity to eat cake or carrot sticks, a person intent on losing weight would experience a self-control failure when they choose to eat the cake and expect to regret having done so. Anticipated regret would signal that eating the cake violated a long-term goal of losing weight,” said Dr. Irene Scopelliti, associate professor of marketing at Cass Business School.”If the same person ate only a small piece of cake, however, they may not experience a self-control failure because they haven’t eaten enough to violate their goal of losing weight and trigger regret.”

A Lack Of Conflict Between Health & Pleasure

Different long-term goals can dictate whether self-control was exerted or not.

“It is not the consumption of cake that automatically signals a self-control failure, it is whether consumers believe that they may regret their food choice in the future; our research demonstrates that health and pleasure are not necessarily in conflict,” continued Dr. Scopelliti.

“That thinking plays into the dichotomous perception of foods being either good or bad, which is an incorrect over-simplification of eating practices. If a person is comfortable with their weight and does not anticipate to regret in advance their food consumption choices, then we cannot say that person lacks self-control.”

Researchers suggest people reconsider the idea that eating “bad foods” equals self-control eradication.

“By abandoning the idea that eating “bad foods” equals a self-control failure, consumers should find it easier to exert self-control, particularly if they are armed with the combined dietary knowledge of medically trained professionals and the behavioural knowledge of psychologists and consumer researchers,” added study co-author Dr. Young Eun Huh from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology’s School of Business and Technology Management.

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