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Sedentary lifestyle linked to early mortality, study says

A study from the European Society of Cardiology that took place over a 20-year period found unsettling, albeit not necessarily surprising, findings about sedentary lifestyles. Those who were largely inactive over the 20-year timeframe are at two times the risk of premature death compared to active individuals. Learn about this study as part of your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen and commitment to overall better health. The HUNT study was presented at the ESC Congress 2019.

Protection Against Premature Cardiovascular Death

Exercise is one of the keys to lasting heart health.

“Our findings imply that to get the maximum health benefits of physical activity in terms of protection against premature all-cause and cardiovascular death, you need to continue being physically active,” said Dr. Trine Moholdt of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. You can also reduce your risk by taking up physical activity later in life, even if you have not been active before.”

Participants were asked about their activity levels before being followed for several years. The study encouraged all residents of Norway aged 20 and older to get involved in 1984-1986, 1995-1997, and 2006-2008. Residents had to describe their current activity levels at all three intervals.

Physical Activity Below The Recommended Amount Still Helps

Even if you fall below the suggested 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity or 75 minutes a week of vigorous intensity aerobic physical activity, you still gain health benefits from working out.

“An important point to make here is that physical activity levels even below the advised levels will give health benefits,” stressed Dr. Moholdt. “Physical fitness is more important than the amount of exercise. Clinicians should individualize their advice and help people do even smaller amounts of activity that will improve fitness — this includes all types of exercise that make you breathe heavily.

“Do activities you like and get more movement into your everyday life,” she continued. “For example, walk to the shops instead of driving, get off the metro a stop early, and use stairs instead of the lift. I recommend everyone to get out of breath at least a couple of times each week.”

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