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Secrets from actress parineeti chopra

Actress Parineeti Chopra has endured plenty of comments about her weight, all of which she took with stride. Now that’s she’s shed unwanted pounds, she’s sharing what the fast weight loss did for her, as well as how she obtained her new slim physique. Check it out:

The Perks

“Superficially, your skin, nails and hair become better when you’re healthier. You sleep better. You have more stamina to go about with your day. Your brain is fresh so you think better and talk better. You have more productive days and don’t feel lazy or lethargic, unless you’re actually tired. That’s how a 26-year-old girl should feel right now,” the actress told Times of India.

Getting Enough Sleep

“When you don’t get enough sleep, you look bloated. When you don’t workout, you put on weight and when you rely on food that’s available at film sets, you certainly put on weight,” she says.

Favorite Workout

“I began learning the martial arts form called Kalaripayattu from Kerala which worked for me especially since I enjoyed it,” she shares, noting it gave her new strength and flexibility.

Mixing It Up

“The idea is to not feel shackled. The moment you feel shackled, you will give up. It’s also important to do some kind of activity or exercise everyday, even if you have to start slowly with a walk for instance,” the actress notes.

Balancing Act

“I’ve not stopped eating one single thing as I know that I will crave it and end up giving up my routine.Whenever people are on a diet, they quickly eliminate stuff like cakes or chocolates from their diet.But you should eat everything. You just need to balance it out. So if I have a brownie or a cake which is potentially fattening, I wouldn’t have something similar for the rest of the week. But it would never happen that I’ve not had a brownie for six months,” she says.

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