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Refer-A-Friend Instructions and Terms​:

RECEIVE a 50% off DRTOHELP.COM Coupon Code for Referring your Friends and Relatives*

*Instructions and Terms:

  1. Find your Referral URL by going to Account > Refer a Friend tab (see diagram below) or click HERE.
  2. Share your Referral URL with friends and relatives who you think would benefit from Phentermine and who reside in the states is licensed in:
    Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvania  and Washington.
  3. The person you refer MUST be brand new to – not a current or previous patient.
  4. Your referred friend / relative must then Get Approved for Phentermine here:
  5. Once they are approved they will receive the monthly code and must return to the site using your Referral URL and purchase Phentermine.
  6. Once they have ordered Phentermine and their order is shipped and marked completed by our staff, you will automatically receive a 50% off coupon code for any one product in our store except Latisse. Your coupon code(s) will be in your Account Dashboard – this code is good for 365 days (1 year) – after it expires and it can no longer be used.
  7. Your referred friends / family members MUST use your referral URL in order for you to receive your discount coupon code after they complete their first order, if they do not use your referral URL – you will not receive the credit – sorry but there are no exceptions to this rule.
  8. You will receive one 50% off coupon code for the referred persons FIRST PHENTERMINE ORDER ONLY.
  9. Coupon codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupons or offers.
  10. You can only use a referral coupon code on Phentermine 6 times per year.
  11. These terms are subject to revision and change by without notice.