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Recommended proteins for losing weight with phentermine

Assist Phentermine weight loss efforts by consuming the right proteins. Many don’t get enough protein in their diets, but it’s essential to not only make you feel full, but to maintain consistent blood sugar levels and build lean muscle. This means you’ll enjoy less cravings, less snacking, and fast weight loss.

Check out some of the best proteins for your Phentermine weight loss regimen:

Low Fat Cheese

Low fat cheese such as low-fat mozzarella, cheddar, Swiss, and parmesan are all recommended proteins. Mozzarella, for example, contains 9 grams of protein per 1-ounce slice.


The vegan-friendly option contains 1 gram of protein per 7.4 calories. It’s subsequently recommended in conjunction with other vegan and vegetarian-friendly protein sources, such as lentils, lima beans, kale, and peas.

Soy Beans

Soy beans contain an astonishing 29 grams of protein per cup, so consider adding them to assorted dishes. Beans in general provide a good protein source, and are frequently consumed by those who don’t eat meat or fish. Best options include kidney and black beans.

Nuts & Seeds

In addition to making ideal healthy snacks, nuts and seeds are protein powerhouses. Watermelon, squash, and pumpkin seeds contain 9 grams per 1oz serving, while recommended nuts include almonds and pistachios.


Plain yogurt containing skim milk is best, as it features 14 grams of protein per 245g cup. Soy milk contains the same amount of protein if you do not consume animal milk.


Egg whites consist entirely of protein, while the yolk contains B vitamins and choline, a fat-burning nutrient. A whole, large egg contains 6 grams of protein total.

Other recommended protein sources include lean meat, lean chicken, and fish. Be sure to add more protein to your diet and see if you don’t notice a big difference!

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