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Recommended foods to help you beat that weight loss plateau

Hitting a weight loss plateau on your quest for a slimmer physique is not only common, it is normal. Your body eventually gets used to your weight loss routine, which may include certain exercises and foods. Making adjustments is therefore key to continue losing the weight, such as finding a new way to burn calories and changing your diet. With that in mind consider the following foods to help you leap over this plateau–eat them in addition to starting a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen if you haven’t already.

Fiber-Rich Veggies And Fruits

Add more fiber-rich vegetables and fruits to your diet to fuel your weight loss efforts. It takes the body longer to break down fiber than it does other foods, such as simple carbs, which helps you feel satiated longer and contributes to digestive system health. Both are key to weight loss, so try experimenting with vegetables such as artichokes and broccoli. Fiber-rich fruits are key to avoiding the insulin sensitivity that fiber can bring on, as they feature natural sugars. Pears, raspberries, and apples are fantastic sources of fiber in fruit form.

Almonds, Yogurt, And Other Protein Sources

Increase your protein intake if you are working out regularly but not seeing the results you want. Protein nourishes the muscles, which in turn helps your burn fat. Studies have found athletes who restricted their caloric intake to reach a weight goal and increased their protein intake by 2.5 grams a day or more had less body fat than their counterparts who did not each as much protein. Add outstanding protein sources such as hardboiled eggs, almonds, yogurt, and lean meat to your diet to help shrink your waistline.

Additional Tips

Avoid processed and restaurant foods whenever possible, as both are notorious for high levels of bad fat, sodium, and sugar. Change your exercise routine if you haven’t already, as your body is likely used to what you are currently doing.

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