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Reasons for overeating

Many reasons exist for overeating…and none of them good. Prevention magazine writer Adam Campbell recently sat down with Men’s Health nutrition advisor Michael Roussell, PhD to discuss the more “sinister” reasons for overeating. Let’s check them out:

Food as a Reward

Using food as a reward on a regular basis is an easy way to pack on the pounds.

“Food is more than just calories,” says Roussell. “It’s part of your culture and your experiences, and it’s also a great reward. You need to be realistic about the caloric cost of using food as a frequent reward.” He recommends noting when and where you allow food rewards to “creep in,” and to adjust your mindset from there.

The “What the hell!” Attitude

If you’ve already “cheated” on your diet, do you find yourself eating an extra slice or five of pizza because the day’s “ruined” anyway?

“You can just eat a little less later in the day, or adjust your diet a little tomorrow,” says Roussell. “Just remember that there’s a big difference between eating 300 extra calories of pizza versus 1,000 or more.”

Eating Out Too Much

Over 40 percent of meals are consumed outside of the home, which dramatically affects portion control among other things to affect fast weight loss in Fort Worth.

“The loss of control over portion sizes often leads to overeating,” says Roussell. “Restaurants entice customers by offering bigger meals,” he adds. “And unfortunately, many of us are conditioned to clean our plates instead of listening to our bodies.”

Roussell recommends that you “Look online for a restaurant’s nutrition information ahead of time, and determine what’s appropriate.”


Do you eat while watching TV? How about when surfing the internet?

“Multitasking lessens your body’s ability to sense the amount of food you are eating and thus how full it should make you,” says Roussell. “In fact, studies show that eating while you watch a screen of any kind leads to consuming more food and a reduced ability to remember how much you ate.” He recommends becoming more mindful of what you eat, and to treat food consumption as a stand-alone activity.

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