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Quit these habits & help your phentermine weight loss efforts

Losing weight on Phentermine 37.5mg often means making sustainable lifestyle changes. Yet there’s plenty of little habits that when added up contribute to weight gain, not weight loss. If you cut the following daily habits out of your life you’ll enjoy quicker results…and be that much closer to achieving your dream weight:

Cutting The Sugar

Adele’s 2015 resurgence included a slimmer, trimmer figure. Her trick? Cutting 10–yes 10-cups of tea per day out of her diet. The singer had been adding two spoonfuls of sugar to each cup, which added up makes for one heck of a calorie bomb. Try drinking your tea or coffee straight, or look for healthier sweeteners that won’t contribute to a wide waistline, such as cinnamon.

Drinks With Dinner

Like having a cocktail or beer with your dinner every night? How about multiple drinks? Beer, wine, and mixed drinks are full of empty calories…have you ever heard of the saying, “There’s a hoagie in every beer”? One of the quickest ways to cut calories and see faster weight loss results is to give up the sauce. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few beverages every so often, but drinks-with-dinner as a daily habit is something you’ll want to say goodbye to.

Mindless Eating

Do you find yourself eating chips or other unhealthy snack foods when working, watching television, etc? Mindless snacking is just that: mindless. You have no idea how many calories you’re consuming because portions aren’t measured, so take a long, hard look at your daily snacking habits and make changes as needed.

Crazy-Fancy Coffees

Iced or regular coffees topped with whipped cream, syrup, and other junk are yet more examples of calorie bombs. Cut this morning habit out of your life and enjoy feeling slimmer and healthier.

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