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Quick weight loss: fat-burning foods

Quick Weight Loss: Fat-Burning Foods

Losing weight sometimes seems like an uphill battle, however the right diet in combination with recommended supplements and exercise make it possible to achieve the results you want quickly and easily. Dr. James Kojian of has helped women achieve fast weight loss results for the past 20 years, with more and more San Francisco residents hip to his miracle pills. The esteemed doctor sends an appetite-suppressing foods list with every order of his physician-supervised Phentermine supplement, and recommends the following to help you blast fat:


Nutrient-dense and easily one of the most nutritious greens available, Kale rids the body of toxins and helps suppress the appetite. A detoxifying agent for the liver, kale results in a cleaner, healthier system able to resist that chocolate cake or bag of cookies.


Almonds and other members of the nut family provide sources of healthy fat. Best eaten raw and with their ‘skins’ intact, almonds contribute to a craving reduction while also helping you build muscle.

Whole Grains

The fabulous alternative to processed junk, whole grain digestion means lots of calories burned. This is particularly true of fiber-rich options such as brown rice and oatmeal.


Easily one of the most nutritious citrus fruits, grapefruit regulates the metabolism and blood sugar, lowers insulin, and subsequently burns fat.


Another amazing source of healthy fat, avocados “switch off” the body’s fat-storing hormone, boosts metabolism, and allows the cells to work better with fat-burning hormones. Wow!

Beans and Legumes

Beans and legumes aid digestion, build muscle, and burn fat.

Wild Salmon

Regular consumption of wild salmon helps burn dreaded belly fat and boosts metabolism.

These are just some of the foods that help burn fat and suppress the appetite! Talk to Dr. Kojian about his top recommended foods in addition to starting an effective Phentermine regimen.

For more on fast weight loss options in Los Angeles, please contact Dr. Kojian today.

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