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Quick ways to shed pounds this winter

Winter is a sedentary time for many due to frigid temperatures that make going outside less than appealing. If you recently began a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen and do not want to let cold weather derail your efforts, use these tips for quick and effective weight loss this winter:

Winter Hiking

Hiking is a great workout any time of year, and helps your weight loss efforts even more when there is snow on the ground.

“During winter, you may be hiking on snow or the same trails used by skiers,” says Mike Bracko, a sports physiologist and skating coach. “It’s like walking or running in sand, and it is more difficult, so you are automatically burning more calories.”


Snowshoeing is one serious workout.

“It takes a lot to drag a snowshoe out of the deep snow,” says Lisa Milbrandt, an athletic trainer and fitness supervisor. “Snowshoeing also challenges the muscular-skeletal system in a different way than jogging or walking.” It provides a full-body workout because you are also exercising the upper body via poles.

Ice Skating/Hockey

This fun winter sport is a another great calorie blaster.

“Skating on a frozen lake can be beautiful, but playing hockey is better if you are looking to burn more calories,” notes Bracko. “When you turn, you have to bend your knees more—you turn left, then right, you glide, you crossover—either way you get a stronger muscle contraction.”

Winter Walking

In addition to burning calories, walking in the winter offers other benefits: “Taking a walk on your lunch break or any time the sun is shining is also one of the best ways to get a dose of vitamin D during the winter months,” Bracko says.

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