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Prevent bloat: tips from a nutritionist

Feeling bloated from eating the wrong foods isn’t going to help you lose weight, but it will contribute to a negative body image. Avoid this issue by taking advice from a nutritionist about what to eat (and not eat) to avoid bloat. Keri Glassman, R.N., recently shared her best tips with Prevention magazine–check it out for fast weight loss in Fort Lauderdale:

Steer Clear of Bloat “Triggers”

“To get the most out of my one-day belly bloat battle, I skip the most common water-retention triggers: the saltshaker, all packaged or processed foods, sugar, and alcohol. I also nix carbonated beverages, which fill you with air and make you gassy and puffy.”

Drink More Water

“I drink water with lemon every day—and especially when trying to recover from bloat. It may feel counterintuitive to drink a ton of water when you’re already feeling like a water balloon, but drinking H20 pushes the extra fluid from your system—and that’s what’s making you look and feel so inflated.”

Say No to Starch

“Though I try to steer clear of refined carbohydrates in general, it’s even more important when I’m trying to get rid of extra water weight. That’s because starches—particularly the processed ones, like cereal, pasta, bread, and crackers—hold on to water. That means nuts and seeds are my go-to snacks for a flat belly. I really love pecans because they’re loaded with belly-filling fiber and antioxidants. I also like to flavor my water with pieces of fresh ginger since the root aids in digestion by helping move waste out of your system.”

Add Dandelion and Fennel to Your Diet

“Dandelion greens act as a diuretic, which help your body continue to get rid of the excess fluid it’s holding on to. (I like them sautéed.) And bonus: Some evidence shows that this green can help your liver detoxify your body. Another one of my dinnertime faves when I’m trying to reduce the belly bulge is fennel. Eat the bulb of the celery-like plant raw or roasted with herbs and spices. This vegetable aids in digestion by ramping up the secretion of gastric acids in your belly. Those chemicals help to break down food as much as possible so that it doesn’t get stuck in your large intestine and cause gas and bloating.”

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