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Plateau warning signs

Weight loss plateaus can happen to just about everyone.

“Weight-loss plateaus happen when there is a balance between calories burned and calories consumed,” says Maya Feller, R.D. “When a person loses weight, their metabolic rate slows because of the loss of muscle and fat. And because muscle is more metabolically active than fat, there’s lower calorie burn at the lower weight.”

Learn about the signs of a weight loss plateau to help your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts:

Feeling Tired All The Time

“Often, people try to ramp up their physical activity to levels that are not easy to maintain,” says Fatima Cody Stanford, M.D. of Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital. “While they may get some short-term benefit with regards to weight loss, this may be difficult to maintain which will lead to weight regain.”

Opt for two and a half of aerobic exercise and two days of strength training every week to combat this issue.

Eating Bigger Portions

Enjoying bigger portions or skipping the healthier dinner options will absolutely cause your weight loss efforts to plateau.

“In the initial stages of weight loss, people may see that weight comes off rapidly because they are creating a caloric and exercise deficit their body hasn’t experienced before,” says Feller. “Relaxing the reins around portion sizes can stall weight loss.”

Maintain a food journal and try to be more mindful about what you consume.

Forgetting About Strength Training

Cardiovascular workouts are necessary to lose weight, but so is strength training. Losing only lean body mass and skipping the strength training results in a weight loss plateau. Train those muscles at least two days a week to avoid this problem and see the results you want.

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