Phentermine Reordering Instructions


The password changes every month. To get the new password please text, 626-222-7777 or email us at, brand new pictures WITH YOUR ARM IN THE CUFF of you getting your blood pressure taken with a home unit or at a machine at Walmart or a pharmacy. We need to see the numbers and your face too. 2-3 brand new pictures is fine. Your blood pressure needs to be less than 140/90 and your pulse needs to be under a 100



DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD WITH ANYONE AS THIS SITE IS REGULATED BY THE F.D.A. We will supply you Phentermine for up to 6 months per year if you choose. Please take half a pill the last week you plan to use Phentermine, to WEAN yourself off the pill; so half a pill the first week to start and half a pill the last week to wean off.

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*For Residents outside Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, please visit, for Drtohelp's strong weight loss formula. It is similar to Phentermine, but non-prescription.