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Only Have Five Minutes? Try These Five Weight Loss Tricks

It’s important to do things for your weight and overall health every day; however, sometimes there isn’t enough time to squeeze in a full workout or prepare healthy meals for the week. Thankfully there’s plenty of little tricks that take five minutes or less to help you shed pounds. Use them in conjunction with Phentermine 37.5mg to see the results you want.

Drink Water Before Every Meal

Drink a glass of water before sitting down to your meals. Water curbs hunger and helps you feel full. Additionally, many people mistake thirst for hunger and subsequently eat more. Increasing your water intake helps you tell the difference between hunger and thirst.

Take A Walk

Use a spare five minutes to walk around your block or neighborhood. Walk as fast as you can and consider adding weights once you get used to it. The more you move, the more calories you will burn. You will also feel better and enjoy more flexibility.

Swap Coffee For Green Tea

Switch to green tea, a caffeinated beverage with plenty of antioxidants to increase your metabolism. It also decreases stomach bloat so you enjoy a flatter, trimmer tummy.

Pack Nutritious Snacks

Avoid the breakroom donuts and similar fare by always keeping a healthy, hearty snack with you such as almonds or roasted chickpeas. Allowing yourself to get too hungry often leads to poor food choices because you want something fast, such as a toasted bagel with cream cheese.

Put A Mirror On Your Refrigerator

Add a mirror to your refrigerator or kitchen wall. Studies show people who can see themselves eating are less likely to make food choices that result in weight gain because they are more aware of what they are consuming.
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