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Olympians’ best health and fitness tips

Olympic athletes are among the most fit individuals on the planet, and commit themselves to many hours of training in addition to eating right. Check out a few of the best health and fitness tips from top Olympians to use as motivation on your fast weight loss journey:

Work Out With Friends

Figure skating silver medalist Nancy Kerrigan recommends working out with a few buddies.

“After spending so much time by myself on the ice in the past, I love working out with friends now,” she has said. “I take group classes at the gym—usually kickboxing, weight training or yoga—and then, after it’s done, a group of us grab coffee and chat.”

Record Your Efforts

“If I don’t bring a sheet with my workouts on it, I end up wasting time and not being as efficient,” says Heather O’Reilly, a member of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team and two-time Olympic gold medalist. “For me, the sense of accomplishment when I see that I’ve completed a workout is great.”

Stay Active Regardless

Staying active, even on days when you aren’t formally working out, is key.

“Staying active on down days actually makes me feel better the rest of the week,” says Erin Hamlin, a two-time luge Olympian. “Doing something low key, like going for a walk or taking a light yoga class, gets the blood flowing and results in more productive training days.”

Always Drink Plenty of Water

“I wind up drinking more throughout the day when I carry around my water bottle, which keeps me going,” says O’Reilly. Natasha Hastings, a USA Track & Field sprinter and Olympic gold medalist, does the same. “Other than drinking water for sports, I’ve always admired my grandmother and mother’s great skin and I swear it’s because they drink a lot of water!”

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