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Obesity increases the risk of covid-19

COVID-19, or the coronavirus, targets those with immune system issues as well as the elderly. However, people who are severely overweight also increase their risk of getting the disease. Learn more about this risk as part of commitment to health and wellness with Phentermine 37.5mg.

Three Times More Likely

According to research by Dr. Mark Hyman, people who are severely overweight or obese are three times more likely to get COVID-19.

Those with a chronic disease are almost 10 times as likely to die. Those with obesity are almost three times more likely to die,” he wrote on his blog. “Now, more than ever, it is critical for our population to focus on their own health and use food as medicine to bolster their own health and thereby reduce the overall burden on your health care system which is already buckling under the burden of COVID-19 layered on top of chronic disease, which affects six out of 10 Americans.”

Some 60% of Americans have body mass indexes (BMI) over 30%, which is considered obese by medical standards. About one-third of 78 million obese American citizens have BMIs of 40% or higher, which classifies them as morbidly obese and at even greater risk of contracting the coronavirus.

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

Alcohol and packaged food sales have risen significantly over the past month due to COVID-19; however, Dr. Hyman emphasizes the importance of healthy lifestyle choices now more than ever. In addition to exercising regularly, choose whole foods whenever possible, especially raw versions that pack the most nutrients. Drink plenty of water and get seven to nine hours of sleep a night while also following handwashing practices and social distancing guidelines to minimize your risk of infection.
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