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Obese older adults may have fewer years of healthy life

According to a new study from Duke-NUS Medical School, older individuals with higher body mass indexes (BMIs) may live the same number of years as those with lower BMIs, but those years will not necessarily be healthy. Learn about this study as part of your commitment to fast weight loss with Phentermine pills, a healthy diet, and exercise program. The study was published in the International Journal of Obesity.

Over 3,000 Adults

Researchers studied 3,452 Singaporean adults over the age of 60 for this study. They looked at limitations in physical functions and activities as well as associations in BMI changes.

“Among older adults, physical function of the upper and lower extremities and the ability to perform activities of daily living are key for their day to day functioning, and thus important indicators of health. We investigated whether older adults with pre-obesity and obesity, versus those with normal weight, have the same or fewer years of healthy life, when health is defined using these relevant indicators,” said Dr. Rahul Malhotra, Head of Research at Centre for Ageing Research and Education, Assistant Professor at Health Services and Systems Research Programme, Duke-NUS Medical School and senior author of the study.

The 3.5 More Years Factor

Normal weight adults could be expected to live 3.5 more years without activity and physical function limitations compared to overweight and obese adults.

“Our study suggests that health systems, social and community services in aging populations need to continue focusing on promoting normal weight as well as maintaining physical abilities of older adults in order to increase healthy life years,” said Dr. Chan Wei-Ming Angelique, Executive Director of Centre for Ageing Research and Education, Associate Professor at Health Services and Systems Research Programme, Duke-NUS Medical School and co-author of the study.

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