Nicole S. Testimonial -

Nicole S. Lost 60 Pounds with Phentermine and This is her story:

“This is my transformation. When I came home from vacation, I was determined to lose weight. The picture of me in the grey shirt and black pants was the turning point. I did not realize that I had gotten that large. I found Drtohelp and began the program. I found that his program allowed me to have the energy to get back into the active person that I once was. I wake up every morning ready to start the day. As my weight went down, my blood pressure is lower, my energy level is higher and that gives me the willpower to make healthier food choices instead of grabbing a quick fix of high sugar foods for energy. I was worried about the six months that I couldn’t take phentermine but that proved to be unfounded. I was able to maintain my weight loss. I have lost 30 pounds and need to lose 30 more and I know that is a reasonable and achievable goal. Thank you detohelp and all of the staff! I am so grateful to you all!”

-Nicole S.

*The full body picture is April of 2017, November of 2017 and June of 2018. The face is April 2017 and July 2018.

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