4 Ways To Have a Fitness-Minded Memorial

Celebrating memorial typically includes lots of comfort and junk foods…and plenty of alcohol. Yet it is entirely possible to have a fitness-themed that helps rather than hinders your Phentermine 37.5mg fast weight loss regimen.

Review ideas for an active Memorial Day to get inspired. 

Start the Day With a Workout

Put yourself in a healthy holiday mindset by working out prior to celebrating, even if it’s just a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Exercising first thing in the morning has shown to help people make healthy food choices throughout the day because they do not want to undo the work they put in. 

Go Swimming

Enjoy a low-impact resistance workout by swimming. If you’re attending a pool party, the water feature offers an excellent way to burn calories without stressing your joints because they remain buoyant. Do laps or simply walk in the pool for at least 15 minutes to tone your muscles, burn calories and fat, and give your heart a great workout. 

Have Fun With Other Water Sports

Make water activities your holiday theme this year if you have the means. Paddleboarding, kayaking, and water skiing provide abdominal and arm if not full-body workouts depending on what you select, and ensure you keep burning calories on a day all about hot dogs, chips, cookies, and other unhealthy fare. 

Play Games With Family Members

Organize a game of touch football with friends and family, or other fun backyard/beach games such as playing frisbee. Spending an hour or two running around with your favorite people prevents you from eating more than you burn. Consider ending the day with a walk around the block for extra calorie-burning benefits. 

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4 More Weight Loss Habits to Adopt

Adopting the right weight loss habits is key to losing weight and keeping it off for good.

If you plan to start taking Phentermine 37.5mg soon and want to do everything possible to help the miracle weight loss pill work its magic, review more weight loss habits to practice. 

Eat More Protein

Studies indicate that individuals who consume “moderately high” levels of protein end up losing more weight than those who do not. Protein keeps you feeling satiated so you do not make poor food choices, and helps you build muscle, which replaces fat in the body. 

Watch Less Television

It can be easy to mindlessly “nosh” when you are watching your favorite shows and movies. Yet mindless eating is a weight loss no-no since you don’t realize how much you are actually consuming. Watching TV also typically means remaining sedentary, which also does nothing for weight loss efforts. By watching less television, you’ll lose more weight.

Limit the Libations

Alcohol hurts weight loss efforts in several ways. It is full of empty calories and causes the metabolism to slow while the liver works overtime to rid your body of the “toxin.” Libations also lower your inhibitions to make 2am donut runs possible, and cause many to consume greasy fare the next day when they feel hungover. Abstaining from alcohol as much as possible helps the weight fall off. 

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast remains “the most important meal of the day” in part because it prevents poor mid-morning food choices because you’re hungry. Rather than “starting your day” wrong every day, focus on breakfast foods loaded with protein and healthy fats. You’ll stay satiated well into lunchtime. 

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4 Weight Loss Habits You Need to Follow

Losing weight might be a journey, but there are many things you can do on that journey that help you achieve your goals faster.

If you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg or plan to, review some weight loss habits that everyone should follow. 

Avoid Diets

Losing weight requires enjoying a nutrient-dense diet loaded with whole foods. Following assorted fad diets is not a quick path to weight loss, as you will deprive yourself of too many calories, as well as healthy fats and other important nutrients. Dieting can even reduce your bone density and muscle mass, which is detrimental to lasting weight loss. Building muscle is necessary because it replaces fat and burns calories at a more efficient rate. 

Sit Down to Eat

Eating “on the fly” or when you are distracted will not help you lose weight. Sit down and focus on enjoying your meal, which includes really chewing every bite. Doing so gives your brain enough time to recognize that your stomach is full, which prevents overeating a few hours later. Savoring your meal subsequently helps you feel satiated. 

Prepare Your Meals

Knowing what you are going to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner most days avoids unhealthy, spur-of-the-moment choices, such as choosing takeout or going out to eat. Meal planning and prep also reduces the stress of “What am I going to eat?” which helps prevent belly fat. There is a direct connection between belly fat accumulations and cortisol, the stress hormone. 

Maintain an Active Lifestyle

The more active you are, the more efficient your metabolism becomes. Focus on walks and other fun physical activities in addition to formal workouts. While you should not overexert yourself, staying active is essential to weight loss and overall health. 

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4 Ways to Bounce Back After a Calorie-Heavy Weekend

The weekends can make it easy to indulge, whether you are having wine with friends and family, going out for a rich dinner, getting brunch on Sunday morning, or doing anything else involving fattening food and alcohol.

If your latest weekend adventure left you feeling guilty about the number of calories you consumed, get tips for bouncing back here. All assist your efforts with Phentermine 37.5mg

Get a Workout In on Monday Morning

Help yourself feel good after a calorie-tastic weekend with some exercise. Go for a brisk walk, do some yoga, try that ab workout you’ve been wanting to do, or something else that gets you moving. Working out early makes it easier to make healthy choices throughout the day because you’ll have had such a strong start. 

Say No to Booze

Avoid drinking on Monday and the rest of the week, as alcohol is a serious enemy of weight loss. Your metabolism slows as your body tries to rid itself of the “toxin,” causing your liver to work overtime. By limiting your libations, the weight will come off quickly. 

Focus on Whole Foods

Consider what whole foods you can eat at every meal, such as avocado spread on whole wheat toast with a side of berries for breakfast, and veggies and nuts for lunch. Staying whole food-conscious at every meal opportunity helps with weight loss because you won’t consume sugary foods and other processed fare. 

Go For Post-Dinner Walks

Enjoy a walk on Monday night and throughout the rest of the week, especially if dinner is your heaviest meal of the day. Post-meal walks help you burn calories so what you just consumed does not get stored as fat. 

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Best Diets For Weight Loss, According to Experts

If you plan on using Phentermine 37.5mg for fast weight loss, a healthy diet is essential.

Take a moment to learn about some of the best diets for weight loss according to health and fitness experts. 

Plant-Based Diet

A plant-based, or vegetarian, diet is linked to lower BMI among other weight loss perks. 

“One of the reasons a plant-based diet can help with weight loss is because this diet is packed with fiber. Fiber can help fill you up without adding extra calories,” says Dr. Monisha Bhanote, MD. “Removing animal products, such as meat, dairy, and eggs, also removes a significant amount of fat from your diet.”

Meditarrean Diet

The Meditarrean Diet is similar to the plant-based diet, though it incorporates fish. Because it is not restrictive, it helps many shed unwanted pounds. 

“An ‘eat less’ mindset can set us up for a cycle of guilt when unfair expectations are not met due to the biological consequences of food restrictions, such as increased cravings,” says Rachel Fine, RD. “A Mediterranean-style diet can help one build sustainable habits using a balanced and inclusive approach to eating, which can further help one achieve the weight goals they are aiming for.”

Flexitarian Diet

This diet is mainly vegetarian but still allows you to consume animal products. Like the Mediterrian Diet, it does not center on deprivation.

“Physical, mental, and emotional satisfaction are key on a weight-loss diet so that the approach can be sustainable and help someone reach their goal in a sane and healthy manner,” says Jessica Cording, RD.

Ornish Diet

The Ornish diet allows you to eat “unlimited amounts” of recommended foods, including fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains. 

“The Ornish Diet can encourage weight loss since it shuns most processed foods and encourages whole, unprocessed foods, lots of high-quality proteins and fiber, which can leave people feeling full on less energy and ultimately lead to weight reduction,” says Monica Auslander Moreno, RD. “It also encourages exercise and stress management, which can assist with weight loss. Unlike other diets, it doesn’t allow for rampant access to full-fat foods. Portions of healthy fats (nuts, avocado, olive oil, etc.) are explicitly detailed to avoid inadvertent high energy intakes even from healthy fats,” Moreno explains.

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4 Eating Habits to Avoid For a Flat Stomach

Achieving a flat stomach requires making healthy food choices the majority of the time and exercising regularly. Phentermine 37.5mg complements healthy lifestyle practices to help you lose weight quickly; however, it is also important to understand what to avoid for a flat stomach.

Review eating habits that hurt rather help fast weight loss efforts. 

Eating Too Much Artificial Sweetener

Artificial sweetener is the enemy of weight loss and overall health. 

“They [artificial sweeteners[ aren’t broken down in the digestive tract and can cause bloating in some people,” says Susan Bowerman, MS, RD. 

Not Consuming Enough Fiber

Fiber is a weight loss essential because it keeps you feeling full. 

“Not only does it help to keep things moving through the intestinal tract better for less constipation and bloating, but it also makes you feel more full so you eat fewer calories,” says Elizabeth Brown, MS, RDN. “Not only does it help to keep things moving through the intestinal tract better for less constipation and bloating, but it also makes you feel more full so you eat fewer calories.” 

Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason!

“Many people skip breakfast because they are short on time or not hungry, but it’s essential to start your day with a nutrient-dense, filling meal with a mix of whole grains, fruits or vegetables, and lean protein,” says Melissa Joy Dobbins, MS, RDN. 

Eating Too Many Carbs

Lay off the carbs, especially simple carbs, for your weight as well as your heart.

“There are some studies that show a modest loss of belly fat is easier on a lower-carb diet,” Liz Weinandy, RD says. “A word of caution, though—if you are eating a lot of saturated fat on a low-carb diet, it may hurt your heart by raising dangerous LDL cholesterol levels.”

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4 Mistakes You Could Be Making During Walking Workouts

Walking remains one of the easiest and most effective ways to lose weight, stay in good shape, and enjoy better cardiovascular health.

If recently started walking to help your efforts with Phentermine 37.5mg and subsequently fast weight loss, review common mistakes to avoid. 

Using Poor Form

Your walking form could be off without you even realizing it. The proper way to walk is to keep your feet hip width apart, and to roll your foot from heel to toe. Keep your shoulders back to maintain good posture, and engage your core to help tone ab muscles and burn belly fat. 

Forgetting That Walking is a Workout

Just because you’re walking from one meeting to another or to the grocery store and back doesn’t mean you aren’t getting a workout in, no matter how short. Use proper form every time you walk, and try to maintain a brisk pace. The faster you walk, the more calories you burn. 

Not Wearing the Right Shoes

The wrong footwear can leave you feeling sore with joint pain post-walk. Invest in comfortable sneakers that are for your foot size and feature sufficient, customized arch support. Get fitted at the local shoe store or consider visiting a podiatrist to ensure you purchase the right shoes for your walking workout needs. 

Not Counting Your Steps

Use a fitness tracker to count how many steps you take every day to help you know how much exercise you’re getting. The World Health Organization recommends 150 minutes of exercise per week, or about 30 minutes a day, for optimal health and fitness. By keeping track of how many steps you take, you’ll learn whether you need to move more on a daily basis. 

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3 Unhealthy Breakfast Foods Dieticians Want You to Stop Eating Now

What you have for breakfast every day can either hinder or help your weight loss efforts. If you want to start taking Phentermine 37.5mg for quick weight loss, knowing what foods to avoid during breakfast hours makes it easier to choose healthy fare.

Review breakfast options dieticians strongly discourage eating to refine your diet. 

Clif Bar Chocolate Brownie Energy Bar

Each bar contains 250 calories and far too much sugar. 

“The Clif Bar Chocolate Brownie Energy Bar lists sugar as its first ingredient,” says registered dietitian Kim Rose, RDN. “One bar contains 20 grams of added sugar and, although this may vary depending on flavor, that’s way too much for a tiny bar. While considering healthy breakfast options, one should remember that consuming too much added sugar has been linked to unwanted weight gain, increased triglyceride levels, and may even result in type 2 diabetes.”

Nature’s Path Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Packets feature 210 calories, 13 grams of added sugar, and 100mg of sodium. 

“Not all oatmeal is created equal and some brands, like Nature’s Path Apple Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal, can have a surprising amount of added sugar per packet,” notes Catherine Perez, RD. “You can save on the added sugar by being more mindful of the type of instant oatmeal you choose.” 

Sugary Coffee

The breakfast beverage staple should be consumed black or with minimal sugar and cream. 

“A frappuccino or flavored latte can easily have 300 or more calories per drink,” says Ashley Larsen, RD. “These coffee drinks are loaded with empty calories from sugar and fat and are missing nutrients our body needs which can increase cravings and hunger throughout the day. The drinks pack enough calories as a full meal, but won’t be as filling or satisfying.”

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4 More of the Worst Guilty Pleasure Foods

While it is perfectly fine to enjoy “guilty pleasure” foods every now and then, some should be avoided as much as possible due to their detrimental effects on weight loss and overall health.

Review four more of the worst offenders to help refind your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts

French Fries

The classic restaurant and fast food side contains lots of belly fat-causing trans fat, as well as excessive sodium. And since most people add more salt to fries, they easily contribute to bloat and a wider waistline. Other fried foods, such as fried mac ‘n cheese balls and broccoli-cheddar bites are not much better. 

Taco Bowls

These “bowls” make it easy to eat a considerable amount of fat, calories, and sodium in one sitting. There’s meat, sour cream, a fried tortilla, cheese, sauces, and other toppings that mean consuming most of the day’s calories. Oversized versions are unsurprisingly even worse. 


Processed meat is one of the worst foods on the planet you can consume. Bacon is especially detrimental because it’s not only processed, it’s made from red meat that’s high in saturated fat. The breakfast favorite also features inflammatory compounds when it’s smoked, cooked at high temperatures, or dried. As if these issues were not bad enough, the nitrates and nitrites in bacon morph into carcinogenic nitrosamines when they’re exposed to serious heat. 

Store-Bought Muffins

Commercial muffins might provide convenient breakfast options when you’re on the go, but they are slowly eroding your weight loss efforts if you eat them every day. They can feature as much as 400 calories each, and one-third of your day’s daily fat intake. Muffins are also usually high in sugar, making them decidedly waistline-unfriendly. 

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4 of the Worst Guilty Pleasure Foods

Foods that fall into “guilty pleasure” and “comfort” categories do not have to be eliminated from your diet, but that does not mean you should consume them regularly. Save such foods for occasional indulgences only, and try to eliminate those that do absolutely nothing for your weight loss efforts and health. Review some of the worst comfort foods as part of your commitment to quick weight loss with Phentermine 37.5mg. 

Boxed Mac ‘n Cheese

Enjoy homemade mac ‘n cheese during the holidays, and avoid the boxed stuff. Options like Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese contain a whopping 600 milligrams of sodium per cup, and that’s in addition to the salted water used to make the food. High sodium intake contributes to water weight and bloat while also increasing your risk of heart disease and hypertension among other health issues. 


Waffles might provide a convenient alternative to pancakes, but they are an extremely unhealthy way to start your day. Not only are the waffles themselves a type of simple carb that does not keep you feeling full, they also typically feature tons of butter and syrup, making them blood sugar-spiking calorie bombs. 


The fried breakfast foods might taste delicious, but like waffles, you should abstain from them as much as possible. Fried foods contain trans fat that contribute to belly fat, with the frosting on most donuts also problematic. Donut frosting is made with petroleum, corn, and palm oil to keep it from spoiling, and usually features 1.4 dioxane, a substance that has caused cancer in animals and could affect humans the same way. 

Boxed Cake Mixes

Sure, boxed cake mixes take most of the work out of baking, but they often feature plenty of questionable if not extremely harmful chemicals. Such mixes are also extremely high in sugar that contributes to belly fat. 

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