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Still uncertain whether to look into Phentermine 37.5? Before consulting renowned Phentermine doctor James Kojian about whether the miracle supplement is right for you, check out a few testimonials to help sway your decision:

From Weight Loss

I was told about Phentermine by a neighbor who had taken them for over a week and had lost 9 pounds her first week! By week 2 1/2 she had lost 19 pounds. I could tell a difference, so I ordered it online as she did. 37.5 mg blue and white tabs. I figured it was worth it, if it worked for her it would work for me. My neighbor weighs I am guessing over 350 pounds. I am 150 I am 5’7 and I just wanted to lose about 20 pounds. My first week I lost 8 pounds had more energy than ever.–D.T.

For me, it works and it’s the only thing that works. Period. When I take it I lose the need to eat for emotional reasons, which is the most important component for me in losing weight (and I suppose for most people, too?!) I can eat sensibly, and STOPPING isn’t a problem. I no longer obsess about food!!! I had taken it several years ago with much success, and recently my doctor wouldn’t prescribe it because he didn’t feel people should have to use those types of things to lose weight. I beg to disagree! Needless to say, I’m very happy it is now available online.–Carolanne

From Weight Loss Diet

I started taking it 3 months ago and I have lost 28 pounds. The only side effect I have is dry mouth, just chew gum or have hard candy and it’s fine. I also have no trouble sleeping, and when taken in the morning it gives you the energy to go all day. The first day I took it was the only time I felt jittery and it lasted about two hours. I would recommend Phentermine if you are struggling with weight loss. –Jennifer

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