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New Study On How Adulthood Causes Weight Gain

Most children are active, spending their days running around playgrounds, backyards, and anywhere else. And while many adults exercise and otherwise try to stay in fit condition, there are two factors or milestones about adulthood that increase weight gain susceptibility according to new reviews from the University of Cambridge. Learn about them as part of your Phentermine 35.7mg regimen.

Graduating High School

Finishing high school has shown to increase weight. College is notorious for the “freshman 15,” while many go on to desk jobs that don’t help them stay active.

“Children have a relatively protected environment, with healthy food and exercise encouraged within schools, but this evidence suggests that the pressures of university, employment and childcare drive changes in behavior which are likely to be bad for long-term health,” said Dr. Eleanor Winpenny from CEDAR and the MRC Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge.

“This is a really important time when people are forming healthy or unhealthy habits that will continue through adult life. If we can pinpoint the factors in our adult lives which are driving unhealthy behaviors, we can then work to change them.”

Becoming A Parent

Entering parenthood is another weight gain factor according to researchers.

“BMI increases for women over young adulthood, particularly among those becoming a mother. However, new parents could also be particularly willing to change their behavior as it may also positively influence their children, rather than solely improve their own health,” said Dr. Kirsten Corder, another researcher from CEDAR and the MRC Epidemiology Unit.

“Interventions aimed at increasing parents’ activity levels and improving diet could have benefits all round. We need to take a look at the messages given to new parents by health practitioners as previous studies have suggested widespread confusion among new mothers about acceptable pregnancy-related weight gain.”

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