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New show follows ‘biggest loser’ winners who regained weight

According to a 2016 study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), over one dozen Biggest Loser winners have regained some of all of the weight they lost. The show’s producer has created a new reality series in light of the findings entitled The Big Fat Truth. It premieres this June and will focus on “bad behaviors and mentalities” that resulted in the contestants’ weight gain.

“They all say the same thing,” Roth says of the contestants. “They say ‘I went back to my old behavior and made bad decisions.’”

A “Dangerous” Approach To Weight Loss

Health experts say Roth’s new series uses the same “dangerous” approach to losing weight since it focuses on quick fixes instead of science. Both reality series actually combine the two. Ryan Benson was one of the winners who regained serious weight.

“In my mind I just thought I’ve been training so hard I want to eat something I craved for a few months — a burger, fries, some ribs,” Benson remarked. “That was one of the things that propelled me to the finish line. I thought, when I’m done I’m going to get this. It was a reward.”

Yet within weeks of resuming his normal life, Benson’s new clothes seemed to feel tight. He began visiting his favorite fast food establishments on a more frequent basis.

“It was real easy to slip back into old habits,” he says. “The cameras aren’t on 24/7 so no one’s going to see you pick up four donuts on the way to work.”

“Forcing” The Body To Slim Down

Despite “forcing” their bodies to lose weight over an intense three-month boot camp, health experts say many contestants went back to old habits based on emotion.

“If someone is using food as escapism or as comfort from emotional trauma, you have to deal with that,” says Andy Bellatti, a registered dietitian. “That takes time and that takes a very qualified professional to help you get to the bottom of that. That has nothing to do with weight loss tips or Bob Harper telling you to run an extra mile.”

The Big Fat Truth will explore these and other emotional/mental reasons for overeating.

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