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The health benefits of group fitness

Working out with “a crowd,” i.e. taking group fitness classes, is reportedly one of the best ways to shed excess pounds. If you are considering exercise options as you get ready to embark on a Phentermine 37.5mg journey, learn why working out with groups may be your best option:

Extra Motivation

Group activity may not be a new concept but it has certainly seen massive international up-trends over the last twenty years with rapidly rising numbers in spin cycling, aerobic and dance-based classes and the emergence of CrossFit and its tribe mentality,” says Rob McGillivray, personal trainer and founder of RETROFIT. “I believe it to be a key indicator that working out in a motivational pack or using it as a tool to enhance internal or external competitive performance is fast becoming the preferred form of exercise.”

The “Exercise Behaviors” Of Others

Research published in the Journal of Social Sciences noted people tend to mimic the exercise behaviors of those around them. This idea is compounded by a 2016 study published in the journal Obesity, which found overweight individuals tend to lose weight when they spend time with their fit friends and colleagues.

Commitment Level

Working out with a crowd carries a plethora of intertwined benefits that include enhancing consistency, duration, motivation, conversation and inspiration,” says Dian Griesel, Ph.D., co-author of TurboCharged. “Workouts with others improve consistency because they involve a commitment. ‘No shows’ and cancellations get noticed by others and positive peer pressure can help curtail the urges to skip a workout … or quit.”

Another study found 95% of people who began an exercise regimen with friends completed the program compared to a 76% finish rate of those who worked out alone.
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