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New computer game promises to train the brain to eat less sugar

Added sugar is one of the biggest enemies of the waistline and overall health. A recent study from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA may have found a key to beating sugar addiction for good in the form of a new computer game. Take a moment to learn about this study, as it may help your Phentermine 37.5mg-inspired efforts for fast weight loss. The study was published in Journal of Behavioral Medicine.

Brain Training” Game

“Added sugar is one of the biggest culprits of excess calories and is also associated with several health risks including cancer,” said Evan Forman, PhD, a psychology professor in Drexel University’s College of Arts and Sciences, who also leads the school’s Center for Weight, Eating and Lifestyle Science (WELL Center). “For these reasons, eliminating added sugar from a person’s diet results in weight loss and reduced risk of disease.”

The “brain training” game the school is working on targets a specific part of the brain that inhibits impulses.

“Cognitive, or ‘brain, training’ games have been used to help people reduce unhealthy habits, like smoking,” said Forman. “We were also seeing positive results from labs using computer training programs.”

The Study

A randomized trial featuring 109 overweight or obese participants began with a workshop emphasizing the health risks of sugar and what foods to avoid.

“The workshop helped give participants strategies for following a no-sugar diet. However, we hypothesized that participants would need an extra tool to help manage sweets cravings,” said Forman. “The daily trainings could make or break a person’s ability to follow the no-added sugar diet. They strengthen the part of your brain to not react to the impulse for sweets.”

Participants then played the computer game for a specified time. More than half of participants who preferred sweets enjoyed a 3.1 percent loss of their body weight over eight weeks.

“The study’s findings offer qualified support for the use of a computerized cognitive training to facilitate weight loss,” said Forman.
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